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The circumference of a kamagasaki has many cheap stores. There are two or more Supermarket TAMADE around a kamagasaki. There are many cheap lunch providers and daily dish stores in a kamagasaki. We can fully fill the belly with a low charge.

It may be a small request of those who live here. There are many semi-gourmet places in such a kamagasaki.

Hormone, a stand-up-drinking store, and Japanese pot-au-feu etc. When searching, there are really many stores. These days, the semi-gourmet of the kamagasaki is introduced by the blog. Recently, the young drunkard has been loitering in the kamagasaki. However, there is a little different point from a general area. A health side is worrisome. If a dirty shop is impossible, I cannot live in this town.

I think that I will recommend the semi-gourmet place of a kamagasaki rapidly.

Hormone Marufuku

Hormone Marufuku The hormone of 120 yen and the tontoro of 220 yen.

A marufuku is the hormone store who is price busters and does business. And it is delicious.

This shop has the good menu besides hormone. (Chilled tofu, 150 yen, and a raw lever: 220 yen etc.)

The marufuku is crowded from the morning.

If it asks for white distilled liquor or bottled beer, the glass of a plastic will appear.

The container (white and thin thin container) of tofu is put in and supplied also with hormone. I poke and eat hormone on a spit.

It is one of the shops at which I also often drop in.

August 17, 2013 and an supplement

A marufuku is one of the shops which I visit when I come to the new world. It is a bon holiday today. There were few the visitors. However, the marufuku is always crowded from daytime. Popularity as usual continues.

A holiday has many young people. Probably, young people would find the marufuku on the Internet. Young people are conspicuous. Probably, I am also conspicuous.

A regrettable thing is one. The raw lever was erased from the menu. And it is that the honnnama-aka of low-malt beer is lost. I have ordered bottled beer now.

A glass is a transparent glass of a plastic. A marufuku is a shop gentle also to a stranger. Don't you do once?

September 9, 2013 and an supplement.

Menu of Marufuku

A photograph is a menu of inside of a shop. Hormone relations are in the mainstream. The prices are only 120 yen - 250 yen. I think that this shop is the cheapest.

Menu of Marufuku

Bottled beer (large) is 380 yen. A price is quite cheap although there is little lineup of alcohol.

Ton fatty tuna of Marufuku

A photograph is a salad (150 yen). The tonntoro (5 slice, 220 yen) is also in the photograph.Seasoning is salt and pepper. Feeling refreshed, it is delicious.

Hormone of Marufuku

The price of hormone is 120 yen. Hormone appears with a plastic container. Cooking is very poor-looking. But it is delicious. Since sauce of special make is applied, it is delicious. Incidentally it is the bottled beer (large) of 380 yen. Two hormone, 240 yen. One tonntoro, 220 yen. One salad, 150 yen.

I eat this much and the price is 990 yen. A marufuku will prosper.

Hormone Yamaki

Yamaki Yamaki is the hormone shop which I am performing in the haginotyaya shopping center.

It is the atmosphere of Showa. But it is a popular shop of 1.2 in a kamagasaki.

The menus of Yamaki are only a hormone spit and a lever. They are both 60 yen and a budget-prices setup. As for a drink, only canned beer (260 yen), a canned shochu cocktail, and cup SAKE are.

I soak and eat sauce (red pepper, a garlic, etc. are contained).

It is the atmosphere which cannot go into an ordinary person easily. let's visit daringly.
A kamagasaki is a lenient town.

August 17, 2013 and a supplement

Yamaki seldom visits. However, I often pass in front of a shop. Probably nothing has changed. Why don't you drop in? It is because Yamaki is always crowded. And it is because menus are only a hormone spit and a lever. It is because I do not eat liver.

Well, but I will do to investigation.

April 15, 2014 and a supplement.

Recently, I have often visited to Yamaki. Although it was the atmosphere which cannot enter easily, I got used recently. I placed an order for a lever with a trial the other day. It was very delicious. Liking of food changes with age. A lever was not delicious a long time ago. It is delicious these days.

I got to know that there was an off-the-menu dish these days. It is "fat." Fat is very delicious. If one skewer is eaten, the stomach will lean. At least a half is a just right quantity.

If it thinks that there is much quantity of fat, let's eat hormone with fat. It may also be good to choose it actively.

And sad information is one. Since the consumption tax went up, the price has risen at last. The price is 70 yen per skewer. A wonderful low price still does not change.

Hormone of Yamaki

Hormone and a name unknown

Hormone,?Wagon retailer The light truck store which does business in the neighborhood of the station in front of a zoo.

A menu is together with Yamaki. The taste and setting of price are the same, and it is an affiliated store?

I received one skewer of hormone. It was delicious after all. This area is a way along which a tourist also passes.

However, business hours are not known. Since business was done when it passed by chance in the evening, I ate.

August 17, 2013 Supplement.

I do not see this light truck any longer. Where did the light truck go?

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