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A kamagasaki is a day laborer's town. There are many shops which sell working clothes.

100 yen working gloves to a knickerbockers jacket etc. I can purchase anything, if it is working clothes.

I can purchase underwear, such as trunks and briefs. It is a kamagasaki price. Although gentleman garments are also sold, of course, where do I sell the suit? Since there is no demand, the shop may not be opening the shop.

I can also purchase hooligans' clothes easily. I cannot understand a sense of this sort individually.

I do not need to buy a high new article with a kamagasaki. I can purchase old clothes at a bargain price in a street stall.

I also sometimes see a brand-name product. (Lee, LEVI'S ...) A source is not known. Or [ that treasure is contained if it carries out by accident ] ...

The street stall near JR Shin-Imamiya Station and near a zyannzyann-yokotyo is neat. new article - a new article is most mostly. The passerby is also observing the situation.

Near the railroad where a morning market is unfolded has coarse how to display more. Necessaries, a tool, an erotic book, erotic DVD, etc. stand out. Of course, it is a used article. The morning fair which gathers anything from honest daily necessaries to a bad thing. The collection of animations has video of a morning market.

There will be many people indifferent to a dress at a kamagasaki. In a kamagasaki, I can purchase cheap clothes. however, there are many Dirty-looking person.I think that it is not an economical problem but a problem of consciousness.

Work clothes The situation of a shop (Arumi). All over the shop, consumables, such as working gloves, a leather hand, and socks, are displayed.

The shop is prosperous. Working clothes are necessaries for workers after all.

Working clothes are very abundant in kinds. I start in a jumper or knickerbockers and they are working gloves, a leather hand, and a rubber hand ...
Flophouse area JR Shin-Imamiya Station on the south, a large-sized shop. If it is a marumi, any working clothes are assembled.
Flophouse area A photograph is a street stall of the south of a zyannzyann-yokotyo.

This place will serve as the southernmost tip of a tourist resort. Here to south is a day laborer's town.
The atmosphere of a town changes.

OK, the courageous person will go south steadily.

In the street stall of the photograph, I am sold comparatively finely.

From 2,300 yen to thousands of yen, the price of about 1000 yen goods ranges.
Kamagasaki In the clothing store of a kamagasaki, a new article is under sale by cheapness.

When it visits a kamagasaki, a thing with very many middle-aged man who are wearing the hat is worrisome.

2013/9/7 Postscript

Work clothes This shop is a marugenn of a working-clothes (Black kite attire) speciality. Black kite attire is working clothes with a thick thigh which the fireman people wear.

Working clothes with a thick thigh have a meaning.
1.It is easy to move.
2.Dangerous guess.

It is said that Black kite attire achieves the above-mentioned function. It will be easy to move if it sticks to the body. I will be caught in trousers if the scaffold is in disorder. Black kite attire achieves the function of a sensor.

A craftsman works in a high place. It also seems that I can sense a wind.

Black kite attire of a marugenn seems to be a proof of "those who can do work" in the industry.
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