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Triangular park

A triangle park is in the Kamagasaki.Wintering Festival, May 1 are May Day for New Year holidays.I do a summer festival during the period of the tray.The distribution of boiled rice is carried out as well as it and becomes the place of a local important gathering.

It is a public park, but a building is built inside and outside the park, and it seems to be had the living person. Probably it will be the boss of the town. I think that it is difficult for an amateur to easily get a house.

It is dotted with the bars around a park, too, and, as well as a homeless person, a lot of local inhabitants seem to gather, too. Meanwhile, as for the tough-looking older brother, it is had come. You must not dare point a camera.

Triangular park

It is a street of the park south side. A house is built and lives. Probably I think that it is difficult to build a house later. Because a boss exists, I will partition off this area. I will form the original world.

It seems to be lengthy, but must not point a camera. It is to degree to take the state of the town in secret to the utmost.

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