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SANYA area

I went to Tokyo the other day. Speaking of Tokyo, it is Sanya. It is a Flophouse area of Tokyo. I have looked several times on TV, but try that I come for the first time. On earth it will be what kind of town.

There is the place in Taito-ku, Tokyo, Arakawa-ku. It is the area for approximately ten minutes from Minamisenju to the south if I say at a station. There is namidabashi which is famous for "tomorrow's Joe". However, there is not it at the bridge and is the name of the crossing. However, it is the town which became the stage of "tomorrow's Joe" without chance.

"Iroha mall" in Sanya plows the town as Furusato of tomorrow's Joe and starts pilgrimage to the Holy Land business.

It is January 4 that I came. Most shops close for New Year holidays. Different one side might look again when they came on a normal day.





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