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Public bath(Irifuneonnsenn)

I stopped by the public bath in Nishinari, the Kamagasaki. I enter the main street of the Kamagasaki at JR Shin-Imamiya Station and am an immediate place. When I went out of the bath at about 6:00 of the evening, as for the arrival, the area became dark.

It was thought that the night Kamagasaki was dangerous, but I thought midnight time zone to be dangerous, but felt like I did not change with the day if it was main street and a mall until around 21:00.

The risk to be able to get twisted up because drunkards increase when it is night improves. However, it will not be for a serious situation before being rolled up in a case still more because a person is much time. However, a self-responsibility is a principle when I go to this area.

I return to the story of the public bath. The name is a ship entering port hot spring.

Public bath

Bicycles form a line in a row in front of the public bath. I feel that the above has more bicycles than other areas. The granny's bike that the bicycle is common in the local one that a lot of bachelorship lives is most. Of course "sasubee" or "the previous basket cover" are not equipped with.

Public bath

I take a bath after purchasing the quite extensive entrance hall, a bathing ticket. It is all right even if I enter empty-handed because a towel set and the detergent set are sold.

Public bath

It is a dressing room. It is a public bath cleaner than expected. I thought that it was smaller and was dirty. (rudeness!) Two planes and a scale were relatively equipped with new massage chair.

The other side of the back glass becomes bathroom. There is not the blind spot from a dressing room; seem to be designed. There is the outdoor bath although being small. It is that there was not a sauna to be disappointing. I wanted you to install it for a sauna enthusiast by all means.

In addition, as for the class of visitors, leading 50, an active generation in its 60s. I am well-mannered, and there was not the thing feeling it in a problem particularly. Of course it was kept a dressing room, a bathtub clean together and was able to take a bath comfortably.

It wants to rotate now because there is several houses or a public bath in the Kamagasaki as well as a ship hot spring.

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