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Public bath(Imaikeyu)

The public bath second of the Kamagasaki went to the Imaike bath along the Sakai circle street. It is the neighbor of super Tamade, and anyone can drop in.

I had my eyes, but this is always the first time. Okay, I take the field. There is a ticket vendor when I pass through the noren. I go to the bathroom after the purchase with a bathing ticket. When hand a bathing ticket to the uncle of the turn stand; to a dressing room. Here one sense of incongruity…

The way to the dressing room of the ladies' bath is opened. No, it is strange. The neighbor is a men's section of a bathhouse when I look well. It is a public bath without an extremely rare ladies' bath. Judging from a structure, there would be a ladies' bath before. But a men's section of a bathhouse is congestion, and a ladies' bath is almost empty. Thus, I would have a men's section of a bathhouse specialty. Because it was this area, I easily figured it out.

The bathtub which is huge when I enter is cold bath one in the middle. The washing space is simple afterward; is made. But a bathtub is considerably huge. I seemed to be able to take a bath in a great number of people effectively.

I am immersed in hot water while thinking, "it would be the great number of people for the heyday in the days of the Showa era". Because it was evening of Sunday about 5:00, only several visitors are. I soaked leisurely.


The neighbor of super Tamade. The backside just becomes Imaike Station of the Hankai line. There is it in the place of quite good location requirements.


There is the letter of the man, but there is not the letter of the woman. I thought in a question for an instant, but did not think that there was not a ladies' bath possibly. Naturally I enter the one where the letter of the man is written on. Because hot water was written, the other side might be common hot water.


A passage on the photograph left side is a catwalk to the other side. You might move particularly, but did not go this time. Let's put it for next pleasure. Probably I feel make a little difference. .

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