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Tsuten-kaku is a view tower located on the central part of the new world.

They are registered tangible cultural properties of the country on May 15, 2007.

An official-recognition character is Mr. Billiken. It is a symbol of the new world.

"Tsuten-kaku" means the high building which leads to heavens.

"Tsuten-kaku" was named by the Fujisawa Nangaku. The Fujisawa Nangaku is a Confucian scholar in early stages of Meiji. The height of the tower where "Tsuten-kaku" included the lightning rod is 103 m.

Designers are the Naito many relations who dealt with the Nagoya television tower, Tokyo Tower, etc.

Leading general contractor Okumura of Kansai took charge of construction.

(Since first Tsuten-kaku was burned down with the fire in 1943, it is the 2nd generation currently.)


From the Tsuten-kaku 南本通 to photography

if a photograph is taken from a main passage -- to the core one -- in the bottom, there is a signboard in large quantities.

If you want to photo Tsuten-kaku purely, I will take a photograph from somewhere else.


I took a photograph from the Tsuten-kaku north side.

When going in the direction of the new world from Ebisu-cho Station, I will pass along this place.

Although the shop is kept, it is a little simple passage.

In the new world, the Tsuten-kaku 南本通 and a じゃんじゃん alley are constituted mainly substantially.

There is also a lonely place by a place.

Since there was such touch, possibly I became the place that a tourist and a local visitor mixed in confusion.

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