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Tsutenkaku south high street

There is the Tsutenkaku south high street in the south side of Tsutenkaku.

It is the main street of the new world, and many restaurants gather with a pork fried on a skewer and powder thing shop, a pinball hall, a souvenir shop, a showy signboard.

Tsutenkaku south high street

I photographed Tsutenkaku from the Tsutenkaku south high street.

A quality of Osaka is reflected when I take a ceremonial photograph from this neighborhood.

Hormone, hikari

They are a hormone shop which becomes a central portion as the Tsuten-kaku south book, and a shop which has a traditional atmosphere in a super-very good piece of land.

Tsutenkaku south high street

An opposite pinball hall of "晃" of the hormone.

Good old splash things form a line in a row in old days.

It is stable, and the splash thing can beat it unlike a digital pinball machine if I understand an appearing stand. When I am free.

I often play and return.

Kamagasaki Kamagasaki
SANYA area SANYA area

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