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A back alley and bar

An authority of Tsutenkaku south book is Maine Street, but will take a walk through a back alley if I want to taste a deep feeling of Osaka. There is a secret little-known spot in various ways.

I entered the east alley at pork fried on a skewer hormone "晃".

Then a line "is やっこ" of the pork fried on a skewer here something or other.

It is a popular shop of the pork fried on a skewer with "天狗" "だるま". I do not think that I renew a shop for a tourist, but am popular.

Is a traditional atmosphere good?

Spitted cutlet

I walk steadily in the depths. There is liquor bunch "half Taya". As for the class of visitors here, a lot of familiarity from old days is made up mainly of an elderly person, one liquor. I let me in peace. Tempura is proud.


Furthermore, there is "酒の穴" when I advance to the depths. This is a regular customer. A Chinese dish containing eight kinds of ingredients is a noted product. Grilling foods on an iron plate strongly includes ton pay firing, okonomiyaki, a barbecued chicken. The class of visitors is wide; including friends and a couple, nobody is in various ways.


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