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SHINSEKAI park high street

It is the new world park high street which lies across another main street, new world in the east and west.

A pork fried on a skewer shop, a bar, a powder thing shop, clothes shops are jumbled up close together on this way like Tsutenkaku south high street.

It is a store specializing in smart ball to stand out in that.

?Japanese ball game similar to pinball

With the smart ball of pinball and the pachinko made up, and virtually divided it by 2. The gamble characteristics become the entertainment to be able to be idle without most.

The smart ball is already an endangered species, but a specialty store is seen in Asakusa of Osaka new world and Tokyo, the local hot-spring resort now.


It is a dining room using frequently in a new world park high street. "やまと屋". 100 yen is not uniform, but there is it in various ways without putting it.

In addition, I can eat a set meal for 500 yen. The taste is economical han I eat deliciously in a house. It is reason full of it, single men.


The photograph lower right is Billiken. The photograph top is globefish of "づぼらや". Signboard of the pork fried on a skewer yokozuna…How much is it remarkably? This is Osaka-style heavily.

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