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SHINSEKAI high street

With the new world high street in the one of Tsutenkaku south high streets east side go.

When it visits this street, at first it will be morning sun Theater of the popular play to get into eyes.

And the neighbor is new world Nikkatsu pornography.

SHINSEKAI high street

Popular play

The old popular play will have a constant fixation fan.

As for the class of visitors, an aunty is the center. I have not looked, but should be able to enjoy it.

Nikkatsu romance pornography

As for new world Nikkatsu pornography today, the neighbor is during the great admiration screening with 3 bookends. Um.

The title is shameful and cannot say. (laugh)

Courage to enter in this than it does not spring out.

SHINSEKAI international theater

cruising spot

Tomorrow when there is a new world international theater when I go ahead through some streets to the northern plane.

This is a movie theater.

Three old movies are on at 1,000 yen in 1F.

However, a cigarette is free to breathe it, and the hall seems to be slightly insanitary.

I want to reexamine this time.

And this first floor under the ground becomes the new world international theater under the ground.

It is only an adult movie.

I seem to evolve somehow or other as fag-joint.

I want to confirm it with one's eyes to the last, but there is no courage, unfortunately, to enter for the moment.

Kamagasaki Kamagasaki
SANYA area SANYA area

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