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Authority of Nanyo mall (janjanyokotyo Alley)

I arrive at the entrance of the authority of Nanyo mall (popular name dingdong bystreet) when I go ahead through the crossing of a new world high street and the new world park high street to the south.

It is one of the places where a color is dark, and an old atmosphere is left in the Tsutenkaku neighborhood.

Please drop in when you come to Tsutenkaku.

Is reasonable; stand, and a bar is an array in a row.

Originally it is the mall that was made to connect new world and the Tobita red light district of an once first class entertainment district.

Thus, I stood for the visitor who went out to play, and bars gathered.

 The development stopped now as a mall because official Tobita red light district disappeared.

It is now with the mysterious mall where is in condition that an old atmosphere and the atmosphere as the sightseeing spot weave it and joined.

janjanyokotyo Alley

 It is the entrance of the bystreet north side lots and lots.

The gate becomes "the town lots and lots". A restaurant is the center, and there is much drunken.

janjanyokotyo Alley

Two hormone-based noodle shops to place itself at a mall entrance.

The atmosphere that Okinawa folk song may flow through the circle virtue.

Local people are often found, and the tourist is not.

janjanyokotyo Alley

This came lots and lots in pork fried on a skewer shop of the neighborhood of bystreet entrance, here these days, too.

"It is "Dharma doll" Hirotaka".

A tourist uses it mainly.


A bystreet mall case "is carefree" immediately, and there is "yamatoya3 shop" lots and lots.

There is not a characteristic in particular, but it is reasonable and can drink liquor.

I love the atmosphere that beer bottles are piled up in front of a shop very much.


Furthermore, a fried butcher shop was why or has entered the pork fried on a skewer shop neither when I advanced.

The fried butcher shop has only a counter seat in a shop of one roasted meat Maine.


This place "is an existence well-known store hormone dojo studio".

From a helping of various kinds of dishes, there is "heart" "liver" "ヅラ" "アブラミ".

One dish of 500 yen and place where I am sorry that it is slightly uppish.

It is large bottle 500 yen, Chu-Hi 350 yen.


It takes an important role that there is a shop of Go, the shogi to bring on the atmosphere of the bystreet lots and lots.

By the way, I can refer to the shogi, but do not understand the game of go.

There is not that I entered, but, according to the father information, there seems to be a pin from a beginner to a senior.

The shops are not popular now because they can easily face it in a net.

But I want a young shogi player to go out to play by all means because it does not come true for pleasure of the actual fighting.


"yaekatu" of the pork fried on a skewer.

When It is Saturday and Sunday, I always line up.

Even the New World is proud of overwhelming popularity along with "Daruma".

I am sorry that a lot of tourists do not readily put it.


This "is a popular shop, a pork fried on Tengu", too.

I do not line up as yaekatu.

The long-nosed goblin in front of the shop is impressive.


"Kameya" of the tempurA to use for lunch well.

A tempura restaurant does not see it recently.

Will even the New World be this store?

It is pushed to pork fried on a skewer and keeps on.

But I hold the tempura quickly and am delicious.


A sushi bar "sabeesushi".

It always does well.

Probably there will be many regular customers.

There are few tourists.


 It is a terminal of the bystreet south side lots and lots.

"It is opposite Bonkuraya" of "sabeesushi".

This is a done new shop recently.

I stop by once this time.

An alley becomes the first south side of the new world lots and lots.

I go to the Airin district area when I go to the south than this.

The atmosphere of the town changes at a stretch.

I will go to the south steadily.

Kamagasaki Kamagasaki
SANYA area SANYA area

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